Wise Harness Solutions opened a new plant inside the Bella Vista Manufacturing Campus run by Tetakawi in 2021.

  • Bella Vista is located in Empalme, Sonora, Mexico near the Sea of Cortez.
  • Initial plant is a 25,000 sf facility.
  • Production began in 2021.

Location Details

  • Current Employment at 42 FTE’s
    • 9 Indirect Employees
    • 33 Direct Employees
  • Area has hundreds of Experienced Wire Harness Production Employees available.
  • WHS has a Highly Experienced Wire Harness Plant Manager.

Quality Focused

  • Our Quality Management System in Mexico will be ISO 9001:2015 Certified.
  • Our Continuous Improvement Focus is on Two Main Goals:
    • OTD
    • Low External Defect Rates
  • Management Continues to Invest in People, Equipment, Technology and Tools to Support the Main Goals.
bella vista
mexico facility

Continuous Improvement

  • WHS has made Significant Investments in 3D printing, Smart Lights, Monitors, and Cirris Test Equipment to facilitate:
    • Faster Set-up Times
    • Faster Employee Development
    • Faster Assembly
    • Lower Internal PPM Defect Rates
  • This same Investment will be made in our Empalme Location.


  • Automatic cut/strip machines
  • Hot stamp and Ink jet wire marking
  • Pull force and crimp height testing for terminals
  • Ultrasonic welded splices
  • Inline Cirris testing during assembly process
  • 3d printed test fixtures
  • 24 and 36 carrier braided loom
  • Battery cables
  • Control and dash panels
workers at their desk behind computer screens
person working on a machine
woman working on a machine

Customer Service

  • We Continually Get High Marks from Customers for Our Communication.  
  • A Flat Organizational Structure Allows us to Deal with Revisions/Issues Very Timely.
  • Customer Service is Embedded into our Engineering Group to Speed the Transfer of Information and Improve the Technical Expertise of the Representative on the Phone.
  • Orders will be Placed in the same Method they are today making the transition seamless to our Customers.
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