Wire Harnesses

No wire harness project is too difficult for Wise Harness Solutions. In fact, we excel at manufacturing the largest, most complex wire harnesses in the most cost-effective way possible.

Wise Harness Solutions utilizes a complete process controlled manufacturing system. Each of our highly trained technicians in our cutting, terminals, assembly, and braiding departments work only with written or drawn instructions and procedures for our complete manufacturing process.

Each order, or line item of an order, is electronically tracked through our extensive shop floor quality control system to ensure quality and on-time delivery of all orders, big or small. Continuing education and training of all our technicians, as well as the continual upgrading of equipment and machinery, ensures our customers the highest quality wire harnesses at the best value.

Markets Our Wire Harnesses Serve:

  • Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers
  • Automotive Aftermarket OEMs
  • Construction Equipment Manufacturers
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Electric Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Industrial Engines
  • Control Panel OEMs

Why Work With Wise Harness Solutions?

We provide a total solution: Free technical support is included in every completed job to provide you with the answers to your questions well after your wire harnesses are produced. We even make the control panel assemblies that work with our wire harnesses, so you have one less thing to worry about on your project. From beginning to end, we provide everything you need to ensure a quality product at a fair price.

We’re cost-effective: We test every unit and harness before it leaves Wise Harness Solutions. Because you get a working product, you won’t experience line-shut downs or defects as a result of our product. Also, our focus on on-time delivery means projects won’t be held up on your end waiting for our products to arrive.

We’re experienced: How much difference does 50+ years of experience make in the wire harness manufacturing business? Plenty. With over 106 years of combined experience, our engineers have worked on thousands of wire harness jobs and as a result, they’ve developed the necessary expertise to ensure that your wire harnesses are manufactured in the most cost-effective way possible.

We provide a “quality” product: What does “quality” mean to our customer? It means that our final product meets or exceeds specifications, complies with SAE standards (including those for multiplexing) and adheres to all of Wise Harness Solutions’ quality control policies, procedures, and practices.